Being There When You Need Us Most

Amara Hospice takes great pride in taking care of your loved ones with limited time. Bringing in a team of skilled professionals and going above and beyond is what makes Amara Hospice stand out above all others. Communicating with your relative’s doctors is one of the ways we provide top-notch care.

Helping a loved one with a terminal illness is an extremely difficult thing to deal with. We want to help your family through the process.


The Interdisciplinary Care Team at Amara Hospice will continue to communicate with doctors and other health care professionals involved with the patient’s diagnosis.

Offering What We Can

Whether caring for you in our outpatient facility or at your home, Amara will be there for you and your loved ones. Home care is an important feature we provide. As long as the patient is comfortable, then we are doing our job.

Comprehensive Consideration

Amara Hospice does not stop at a patient’s care. We also have therapists available to guide family members through the difficult times they may face after losing a loved one. Know that once a loved one is gone, it does not signal the end of the process. We will also be accessible after their passing because we know how rough coping can be.

Treating Your Family Like Our Own

At Amara Hospice, we know that the last period together can be difficult, but we will be there for you and your loved ones. Give us a call today at (956) 283-1550, visit us in McAllen or contact us online.


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