Grief is the emotional suffering experienced when someone you love is taken away – a loss that can be deeply painful. People experience a range of emotions and behaviors such as anger, uncontrollable crying, disbelief, memory loss, fatigue, sleep disorders or mood swings. While there is no right or wrong way to grieve, there are healthy ways to cope with the pain and to help you to move forward.

This is why providing support for the family is extremely important while a loved one is in hospice care and afterwards. Amara Hospice’s mission does not end with the passing of a family member. Affirming respect for life also means supporting the family left behind through grief and bereavement counseling.

Amara’s compassionate staff members use their experience and skills to comfort and guide grieving families. The bereavement care program creates a loving, consoling environment that incorporates counseling, workshops, support groups and even reassuring shoulders to lean on.

Grieving is a personal experience, and the grieving process takes time. Bereavement counseling is available to family members of our hospice patients for up to 13 months after the passing of a loved one because Amara cares. Together, Amara helps your family through this difficult time.

Once a year, Amara Hospice has a memorial service for our families to honor their loved ones, allowing us to acknowledge those who have passed in the prior year.

This moving event is an opportunity to bring all of our families and their friends together to visit with us and meet other families. For more information please call Amara Hospice at (956) 283-1550 and ask to speak to one of our Bereavement Counselors.