Light A Candle

At Amara Hospice, we know the memory of your loved ones is invaluable to your entire family. By lighting a candle with the Amara Foundation for Indigent Hospice Care, you’ll be prolonging all of those beautiful memories with one symbolic and heartwarming gesture. You and your loved ones can light a candle and a post name with a minimum donation of $10. For a minimum donation of $25, you’ll be able to include your loved one’s picture along with a lovely biography of their life, which will be placed in the Amara website Memorials.

Our Foundation’s Goal

The Amara Foundation for Indigent Hospice Care keeps one goal in mind: to make compassionate end-of-life care available to people from all walks of life. With your donations, the foundation is able to improve the conditions of existing facilities and create new ones for those indigent patients who would otherwise lack comfort and the appropriate surroundings they need.

If you’re interested in opportunities for providing a larger gift or sponsorship, don’t hesitate to contact the Amara Foundation for Indigent Hospice Care. At Amara Hospice, we’re grateful for the contributions you and your loved ones make.