Amara Hospice Inpatient Facility

Amara Hospice’s 18 Suite Inpatient Facility is the Rio Grande Valley’s first-ever inpatient facility dedicated to hospice care. Amara Hospice also offers the option of outpatient hospice care. At Amara’s Inpatient Hospice Facility, every day is a special day for our patients and their families. As one of the most advanced facilities in South Texas, our patients and their families will find a peaceful environment where our Amara team of specially-trained healthcare providers can provide the palliative care, nourishment and love that our hospice patients deserve in a peaceful, comforting setting created for hospice care.

Fully Equipped Family Kitchen

Amara Inpatient Hospice includes a fully equipped family kitchen, group dining room, family room, a meditation room, children’s play area, laundry facilities, shower facilities for families, a conference room, and a relaxing sunroom. Our facility is open to families 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Amara Hospice goes beyond taking care of the patient, because our caregivers understand the emotional turmoil and daily challenges confronting the family. Amara recognizes the energy required for family members to stay strong when their loved one has a life-limiting condition. We believe that providing the best level of care for the patient includes caring for the family as well.

Private Suites

Each suite in the Amara Hospice Inpatient Facility is designed for privacy, comfort and care. Each contains a private bathroom. Family and close friends are welcome to spend the night with the patient.

Amara Hospice encourages the family to take part in the patient’s inpatient care. Amara Inpatient Hospice offers advanced inpatient hospice and palliative care in a home-like setting. We feel that by encouraging the patient’s family to be part of the patient’s care, this helps both patients and their families through this very challenging time.

Six Acre Pond

A 6 acre pond creates an atmosphere of tranquility and provides a calm, quiet refuge. Quality of life for the patient and for the family is at the core of Amara Hospice’s philosophy. Each of us should be able to die as comfortably as possible. Our facility’s environment encourages the ability of family members to deal with the emotional pain and stress that comes with the passing of a loved one.

Las Casitas

Ensuring that safe quality hospice care is available to all patients in need, is the mission of the Amara Foundation for Indigent Hospice Care, Inc. This not for profit corporation has established a charitable foundation dedicated to the development of “Las Casitas.” Las Casitas are one bedroom duplexes located adjacent to the Amara Hospice Inpatient Facility, and dedicated to use by families who otherwise could not receive hospice care.