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Providing care for a family member with a life-limiting illness and caring for a loved one diagnosed with a debilitating disease rank among the greatest hardships anyone can face. But rather than having one person or a family alone cope with this heartbreaking responsibility, hospice brings an integrated team of skilled professionals to care for a patient and ease their last days.

Amara Hospice goes beyond taking care of the patient, because our caregivers understand the emotional turmoil and daily challenges confronting the family. Amara recognizes the energy required for family members to stay strong when their loved one has a life-limiting condition.

We believe that providing the best level of care for a patient includes caring for the family as well. Amara gives consoling support to the family, so the family can focus on giving love and comfort to their loved one.

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Hospice Care

There’s no doubt that caring for a loved one facing a life-limiting illness or debilitating disease can be one of the greatest hardships your family can deal with. At Amara Hospice, the patient and his or her loved ones are the focal point in the care we provide, whether at our home or yours.

  • Hospice at Home

    • Routine Home Care - Considered the most common level of hospice care, routine home care includes, but isn’t limited to, nursing and home health aide services.

    • Continous Home Care - This level of home care is generally given when a patient experiences a period of crisis that requires continuous (up to 24 hours per day) nursing assistance to manage or palliate acute medical symptoms.

  • Hospice at Amara

    • Amara Inpatient Care - This short-term service is traditionally given when pain control and symptom management can’t be provided in settings other than a hospital, hospice unit or long-term care facility.

    • Respite Care - Respite care is designed to give an occasional period of rest to a patient’s caregiver. This inpatient assistance can be provided at a hospital, hospice unit or long-term facility for a maximum of five days every 90 days.

Who Qualifies

At Amara Hospice, we strive to offer the professional care you need with the personal touch you deserve. If someone you care for has been dealing with a life-limiting condition and is no longer responding to treatment, they are eligible for hospice care. Each of our patients is evaluated by our Interdisciplinary Team to determine the level of care that best fits their needs. It’s important to note that a patient can be transferred between different levels of care depending on different factors.

Myths of Hospice Care

Hospice might invoke thoughts of hopelessness and giving up, but this is far from the truth. We strongly believe that placing a loved one in our care is one of the most responsible decisions one can make. It’s time to set the record straight on some of the most common hospice myths. The following links will help clear things up with insightful and thorough information.

Amara Foundation

Everyone, no matter his or her race or background, is entitled to the most caring and professional care a hospice center can provide. The Amara Foundation for Indigent Hospice Care holds this belief close to heart. The Foundation’s main focus is to create and improve facilities that can provide indigent patients with the care and comfort they deserve but may not receive. Contributions to the Foundation are additionally used to educate the community on hospice and palliative care and provide a comfortable setting for a patient’s loved ones.